Tony Hinson Scholarship Information

Please see your Guidance Counselor to obtain the paperwork.


  • Must be a Ross High School or Butler Tech senior that has attended Ross all 4 years.
  • Must have received a Varsity letter in this year’s season.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Must be attending a 2 or 4 year college/university.
  • Parents/guardians must be a paid booster member by April 15th. Parent must work at least one night in the concession stand. If your child’s sport does not have a concession stand, you must work at another sporting event. Parents must attend at least 2 Booster meetings (2nd Monday of each month) by the May meeting.
  • Applications must be submitted by April 15th.
  • 5 Scholarships will be awarded at $1000.00 each for a total of $5000.00. If fewer than 5 applications are eligible, the $5000.00 will be split among the total number eligible.
  • ALL criteria must be met to be eligible!
This scholarship will be awarded based on athletics, grades, needs, contributions to school and community and coach’s evaluation. It may be used to pay tuition, board expenses or any other suitable college expense. Your application will be judged by the Booster Scholarship Committee. Applicants will be assigned a number to assure anonymity. Please do not put your name anywhere except where specified.